Company Overview

Gold Star Racing Clutches – helping racers run for the win since 1989.

Our products are used in circle track Mini-Stock, Derby, SCCA Road Racing, Vintage Road Racing, and Rally competitions. We specialize in 2.0 – 2.5 liter single and dual disc racing clutch applications for Ford, GM, and Toyota.

All Gold Star Racing Clutches products are made in the USA using US produced aircraft grade billet aluminum and high strength steel. Some components are heat treated and stress relieved as required for thermal stability and wear durability. We recommend and use ARP hardware, and are happy to supply clutch friction material that best suits your specific needs.

Our products look great, are race proven and rebuildable.

Specializing is important

Understanding the racer’s need for weight savings, reliability and durability, Gold Star Racing Clutches focuses on supplying quality products to the smaller power plant racing crowd. So if you are running a smaller engine such as the 2300 Pinto, Chevrolet EcoTec, Toyota 22R, Nissan 2.5, or have a vintage or rally 4-cylinder power plant and need a solid clutch system, give us a call and we’ll discuss how we can help you.

Rebuilding, Refreshing Services

Yes, we are able help rebuild some parts of your Gold Star Racing Clutches clutch system. We can help you with disc button replacement and more.

Rebuild costs will vary depending on the components that need to be replaced. Gold Star Racing Clutches will always provide a full evaluation, including costs, prior to any work being started.