Clutch Kits 7.5”

Gold Star Racing Clutches’ racing clutch kits are designed to significantly lower clutch package weight and to increase clamp force while providing durability. The typical Gold Star racing clutch kit weighs about 12 lbs, including flywheel, pressure plate, disc, diaphragm, and cover. For comparison, a stock 2.3 Ford Pinto flywheel alone weights over 22 lbs.

The lower weight goal of Gold Star Racing Clutch racing clutch products helps achieve a lower moment-of-inertia, which provides race vehicles with faster engine acceleration out of corners, and fast engine deceleration into corners for improved braking.

To produce increased clamping force, the Gold Star Racing Clutch pressure plate and diaphragm pivot point have been fine-tuned to produce good pedal feel and clutch disc durability. Please be aware that it is important to adjust your clutch free play for wear. Gold Star Racing Clutch discs typically have three paddles and six metallic formulation pads.

Metallic pads conduct heat away from the disc, increasing durability and service life and reducing the chance of glazing the disc material. The Gold Star Racing Clutch three-paddle design also provides the additional benefit of reduced rotating mass and good pedal modulation. These features make Gold Star Racing Clutch clutches and clutch kits ideal for many racing applications.