Nissan Clutch Kits

Gold Star Racing Clutches’ Nissan 2.4 liter Billet Clutch Kit assemblies include: Cover Diaphragm, Pressure Plate, heat-treated and stress-relieved friction plates, Clutch Disc with metallic formulation pads, and ultra lightweight Flywheel. The disc diameter is 7.5 inches and has the stock 24-spline hub configuration. The stock ring gear tooth count and the diameter remain as originally supplied on the 240SX and Pathfinder motors.

Gold Star Nissan Racing Clutch kits are designed to offer significantly lower clutch package weight (under 14 lbs.) and produce lower inertia than a standard clutch-flywheel assembly. The low moment-of-inertia of the Gold Star Nissan Racing Clutch kit’s clutches provides faster engine acceleration out of corners and fast engine deceleration into them for improved braking, making them ideal for road, mini stock racing applications or other Nissan Racing motorsport applications.